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An exchange and a broker are two absolutely different institutions, even though they work
hand in hand. We can view exchanges and brokers as wholesale suppliers and retail sellers,
with all the characteristics that this comparison entails.

In exchanges, financial instruments are traded on a global scale, so the trading volumes are
appropriately large. Exchanges do not let individuals take part in trading.

Traders with smaller-scale capitals need retail intermediaries to be able to make buy-and-
sell operations in exchanges. Ethereum Hard is one of such multi-financial brokers. Which
means that we work with many exchanges around the globe and give our clients access to
numerous financial assets.

Brokers have several major advantages over exchanges: an opportunity to trade with
smaller amounts with the help of leverage, to operate with mini- and micro-lots, to buy and
sell any assets with no actual delivery, i.e. as contracts for price difference.
We use the latest technologies, the most effective mechanisms of transactions hedging and
reservation system to provide our clients with the most profitable trading conditions,
including high leverage as well, without bearing extra risks.
You can use a demo account with virtual balance for training. Trading conditions in demo-
accounts are fully identical to these in the real market, so whenever you switch from the real
market to a demo account, you will feel no difference.

Please remember, that it is impossible to withdraw your profits from a demo account; also,
these accounts are not included into the traders rating system and are not provided with the
company's customer support.
The profitability of financial assets is directly linked to their volatility. The higher is the
volatility (how much and how often the price can change), the higher is the asset profitability,
but the risks are higher as well.

Cryptocurrency can boast of the highest volatility. Fiat currencies are the least dynamic.
Stocks, energies and metals have average volatility and profitability, but higher contract

Beginners are advised to stick to Forex and contracts for precious metals.
Every month, we run a competition for all the real account holders who have at least 100 Euro at their deposit.

These accounts are registered in the competition automatically, and by the end of every month participants with the best results receive money prizes.

Account registration

The e-mail with the activation link for your trading account should come to your e-mail within 24 hours. If one day later the e-mail has still not come to the e-mail address you gave upon registration, please check your Spam box.

You can restore access to your account with an e-mail you gave upon registration, just press the link – Restore password.

If you have open orders on your trading account or if there is more than 500 Euro deposited and the latest order was opened no earlier than 3 months ago, then you can use emergency password restore. To use it, you'll need to go to your Personal Area and write a free form request.

If you lost passwords to both the trading account and the Personal Area, or haven´t logged in for quite a while, then it would take longer to restore your passwords. To prevent third parties from gaining access to your account, our support is entitled to do some verification, such as: require certain documents, ask security questions, etc. Every case needs an individual approach.

For Start and Standard accounts, you will need to provide a scan or a photo of your id and make a selfie with this document clearly visible and a signed copy of the Client Agreement.

The PRO account requires the same documents package and your residence proof, such as Utility bill.

The main difference is about the requirements for the minimum deposit.

For Start accounts, the minimum deposit is only 250 Euro.

To activate a Standard account, you need to upload the required documents to your Personal Area, moreover, the minimum deposit amount is 5000 Euro.

Tariffs, maximum leverage, and execution types are different too. The available leverage increases proportionally to the increasing size of your deposit. With Standard accounts, the trading commission is 10% lower than that at Start. Execution speed is the highest for PRO accounts.

This option is perfect for those who invest big.

It has the lowest commissions, the narrowest spreads, and maximum execution speed.

The commission is lower than average by 30%.

However, it has higher requirements for documents compared to other account types; it is also required to have at least 10'000 Euro on your account.

A PRO account can be opened not only by individuals but by legal bodies too. In this case, legal entities can receive full accounting records.
If you already have a Start account, you can upgrade it to Standard: just upload the required documents to your Personal Area, give the requested details and add the required amount to your deposit.

Deposits and withdrawals

For Start, the minimum deposit is 250 Euro.

For Standard services, it is higher – 5'000 Euro.

A PRO account requires at least 10'000 Euro.

The main currency for Black Rock accounts is Euro.

In your Personal Area, you can find various replenishment methods, including bank wires, credit cards, and local exchanges.
Replenishment time may vary depending on the type of your replenishment method, the total network load, etc. It may take from several minutes to several hours. Usually, it takes around 2-3 minutes.

The withdrawal speed depends on the amount of your deposit and the replenishment method you used.

Larger withdrawal amounts are processed manually upon the Client's request in the order of arrival. Manual withdrawal may take from 3 to 7 business days.

Open orders on your account. Before you send a withdrawal request, please make sure that all the orders are closed and there are no pending orders that may open in the nearest future.

If the account has been opened just recently, then to withdraw funds you will need to complete a so-called minimum funds turnover on your account: any number of orders with the total contract size of 3 standard lots.

There are daily limits on automated withdrawals according to the terms of your service type. Manual withdrawal has no limits concerning the amount and is available for Standard and PRO accounts with at least 500 Euro there.

No, if your account is denominated in one currency, then you can only withdraw funds in this currency. However, you can open several accounts denominated in different currencies.

If the Client chooses to replenish with a credit card, then his or her bank will charge a commission for the transaction. Ethereum Hard is fully compensating this commission, so the account is replenished with the whole deposit amount.

Compensating the bank commission is one of the broker's bonus programmes; just as all bonuses, this one is accrued to stimulate trading and create the most comfortable and safe conditions for work, yet it is not transferred into the Client's ownership, so it cannot be withdrawn.

Trading conditions

To see the whole list of assets, please right-click on any instrument in Market Watch and choose “Show all symbols” in the menu.

  1. The documents you uploaded to the Personal Area have not been verified yet. The verification may take up to 3 business days.

  2. If you cannot open an order, please make sure that the deposit on your account allows you to operate with this contract size. It may be that there is just not enough margin on your account, so you have to either reduce the contract size or replenish your account.
You need to complete the minimum turnover requirement, which is 3 standard lots.

If you have opened an account with an offline representative, you need to meet certain reuirements to be able to withdraw your funds, i.e. complete 3 standard trading lots. If you have not completed the minimum amount of 3 standard lots in 6 months, then the broker charges a maintenance fee: 25 Euro/month for the accounts opened online and 100 Euro/month for the accounts opened offline.

If the account was inactive only some of the months, then partial (reduced) maintenance fee can be applied. The maintenance fee is charged twice a year, on December 30th and on July 1st.
1:100 is the highest leverage for crypto assets

1:500 is the maximum for most of the rest

Leverage depends on your service type and your deposit.
Start has the lowest leverage available. For Standard and PRO, it is gradually getting higher.

The larger is your deposit, the lower is your leverage. Higher leverage for larger deposits requires higher expenses from the company, which bears too many risks.
Once a day, leverage can be lowered according to your current deposit.

Leverage can be increased once a week, on Mondays at 00.15, server time.

On weekends and holidays leverage is halved. It happens on Fridays, 21.00 server time.

Black Rock is an international broker, so server time may be different for different time zones, please check what is the difference for your region in your trading terminal. We advise you to check your account before weekends and see if the deposit is high enough to stand to margin requirements at the periods of lower leverage.

SWAP is a standard commission that is charged for overnight rollover. It is charged at midnight for all the orders except for orders on cryptocurrency assets. SWAP is not charged on weekends. For orders that remain open from Wednesday to Thursday, a triple SWAP is charged.

For crypto assets, such commission is called Rolling SWAP, it is counted in a different way.

This is the commission charged for overnight rollover from crypto assets, it is different from the traditional SWAP.

For traditional assets, SWAP is charged at midnight, no matter when was opened the order. Meanwhile, Rolling SWAP is charged 24 hours after the order was opened.

You can find out more on Rolling SWAP here:

Crypto assets have very high volatility, so it is difficult to support margin requirements for such assets for a long time, and it requires extra expenses from the broker. This is why the Rolling SWAP is the lowest for the first day, but then it grows day by day and reaches its maximum on the 4th day.

As you can see, Rolling SWAP makes it impractical to keep a crypto position for a long time, so we recommend to close the current order and open a new one for the same specifications.

It may be that you are putting the order too close to the current rate.

There is a so-called Freeze Level, which makes it impossible to open an order too close to the current price. You can find more details on Freeze Level here:

Pending orders, Take Profit included, under Market Execution may open for a price different than that set by the trader if the chart only hit the rate once. It happens so because to process an order, it is required to find a counter agent with the same rates, but an opposite order.

It is also important to remember, that charts show the Bid price, while the Ask price, which will work for this pending order, is always different from Bid for the amount of the current spread. This difference may be crucial, especially at hot times when news, reports and other important economic indicators are published, when volatility increases drastically.

For a pending order to be processed, it is necessary for the rate to not only hit the level set in the order, but also leave the set span as well. After that, the price needs to stay above or below the set level for at least a little while. This is the time that the system needs to find a counter agent for your order to be processed for the required price. It may also be a little different from the set level, since it's market, and the counterparts need to reach an agreement.

If the market is extremely volatile, or, vice versa, the volatility is too low, if the contract size is too large or, vice versa, too small, then the difference in prices will be even higher.

Spread is the difference between Bid and Ask prices; it changes depending on the market situation.

The lower is the volatility for a certain asset, the smaller is the spread. And vice versa.

In fact, most of the bonuses accrued by Ethereum Hard are meant for trading. Most often the bonus funds are available for withdrawal after all the requirements have been met. If the client's account has not been active for too long, the company may withdraw the bonuses, since they work as a part of the stimulation programme and are not a financial commitment.

If the total amount of the client´s funds is close in size to the accrued bonus, the company may compulsorily close all the orders and withdraw the bonus from the account.

Some types of bonuses come to the client's ownership upon turnover completion of at least 10 standard lots for every 100 Euro of the bonus after it has been deposited to the account.

ETHEREUM HARD offers an online - a platform for individual traders

ETHEREUM HARD is an online service that gives access to markets and financial instruments with high leverage and low commissions. Our clients need a free trading platform and analytical services.

Ethereum Hard does not provide trust management services and does not guarantee any profit from trading operations. Any transaction with financial instruments involves high risks and can lead to a partial or total loss of the deposit. The company does not interfere in the trading process and cannot have any influence over the financial result of the clients' transactions.

The resource is developed and managed by Ethereum Hard.

ETHEREUMHARD is an international project created by professional online trading solutions developers.

ETHEREUMHARD (or simply ETHEREUM) offers everyone the most up-to-date software solutions for effective trading. We specialize in over-the-counter contracts for price difference or CFDs. We have gathered everything that makes operations with these instruments effective and safe.

The project does not guarantee that trading with financial instruments will inevitably give you profits. Neither does it accept funds for account management. We also have to warn you that operations with CFDs can bring not only profits but also losses, down to total loss of the account funds.

This site is developed and belongs to the following legal body:


We are aimed to provide you with the best products and the top-quality services, so we have made agreements with different professional companies for technical support. The list of payment agents, technical providers, liquidity providers, and other legal bodies that have any connections with the service is given in Business Structure section of this site.

If you are unhappy with the quality of services provided by the dealing centre ETHEREUM, or if you have any questions to the decision-makers, or if you need guidance on the services, you can leave a request in the Cabinet or use the feedback form in the Contacts section.

Ethereum Hard services are not available for residents of the USA, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

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