Ethereum Hard trading platform can offer the best features that have ever existed for traders. This terminal is an integral part of traders' work; it allows them to stay updated on all the changes and fluctuations and actually manage their trading accounts.

Trading is now available in every operating system, in any device – a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or even in an online version. Anywhere, anytime, users can access their accounts and find the finest details on any financial market of the world.

Our trading platform gives more opportunities than any conventional terminal. The clients of Ethereum Hard can have access to a wide selection of free indicators and other tools for Technical Analysis that can make a trader's life easier and their work even more profitable! Set your orders and increase your profitability with special functions like Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit, etc.

For Ethereum Hard clients, we carefully selected the best solutions, added unique synthetic assets and integrated our trading platform with the Personal Area on our official site. Download the trading platform on the official Personal Area of Ethereum Hard!

ETHEREUM HARD offers an online - a platform for individual traders

ETHEREUM HARD is an online service that gives access to markets and financial instruments with high leverage and low commissions. Our clients need a free trading platform and analytical services.

Ethereum Hard does not provide trust management services and does not guarantee any profit from trading operations. Any transaction with financial instruments involves high risks and can lead to a partial or total loss of the deposit. The company does not interfere in the trading process and cannot have any influence over the financial result of the clients' transactions.

The resource is developed and managed by Ethereum Hard.

ETHEREUMHARD is an international project created by professional online trading solutions developers.

ETHEREUMHARD (or simply ETHEREUM) offers everyone the most up-to-date software solutions for effective trading. We specialize in over-the-counter contracts for price difference or CFDs. We have gathered everything that makes operations with these instruments effective and safe.

The project does not guarantee that trading with financial instruments will inevitably give you profits. Neither does it accept funds for account management. We also have to warn you that operations with CFDs can bring not only profits but also losses, down to total loss of the account funds.

This site is developed and belongs to the following legal body:


We are aimed to provide you with the best products and the top-quality services, so we have made agreements with different professional companies for technical support. The list of payment agents, technical providers, liquidity providers, and other legal bodies that have any connections with the service is given in Business Structure section of this site.

If you are unhappy with the quality of services provided by the dealing centre ETHEREUM, or if you have any questions to the decision-makers, or if you need guidance on the services, you can leave a request in the Cabinet or use the feedback form in the Contacts section.

Ethereum Hard services are not available for residents of the USA, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

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